How we got here

Healthy Products Shouldn't Be Confusing

Our family grew tired of all the greenwashing and faulty claims of sustainability when it came to the products we used every day.

Between the confusing labels, the increased cost of “natural” products, and an unreliable supply chain, we were fed up.

In short, the marketplace had completely lost our trust.

The Journey

Cleansing Our Home

As we began adopting a more holistic mindset, we quickly discovered much of our home goods needed a major overhaul.

We slowly started swapping modern packaged goods for traditional alternatives. We swapped our liquid dish soap for solid lard soap, our commercial coffee for shade-grown, locally roasted brews, and even took a second look at our sourdough tools. 

As we began to overhaul our home with natural and functional items, we realized we weren’t the only ones frustrated by the consumer product options on retailers’ shelves.

With so much consumer confusion, families are ready for a better shopping experience. 

And thus, Haselmayer Goods was born.

A Family Like Yours

Meet the Haselmayers

We’re an extended family chasing after a reimagined marketplace. As grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters, we know how hard it can be to source quality products for a naturally-minded home.

So we’ve joined forces to create a one-stop-shop for the conscientious consumer. Thats you.

As the world continues to embrace a cheap, easy, and convenient lifestyle, we feel called to a different way of life. One that respects our natural resources, utilizes truly regenerative ingredients, and honors the hands that craft each item.

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About Our Family

Liz & Joey

Joey and Liz are passionate supporters of regenerative agriculture. Their emphasis on nourishing traditional foods through their company, Homegrown Education, stems from a desire to instill real food values in their three daughters, Sophia, Ruth, and Rey.

Joey enjoys bow hunting, weight lifting, and running while Liz is an avid sourdough baker, raw milk enthusiast, and homeschooling mother. 

Jerry & Theresa

Jerry and Theresa are the proud parents of Luke, Joey, and Kyle. Both entrepreneurs, Jerry led a successful career in business consulting, and Theresa runs Foundations Wellness Coaching, a holistic health practice helping individuals overcome complex chronic illnesses.

Today, Jerry enjoys smoking meat in his backyard smoker, hunting wild game, and spending time around a campfire. Theresa is an avid gardener and passionate wellness advocate who cherishes every moment spent with their grandchildren.  

Luke & Jaime

Luke and Jaime are deeply invested in their community and enjoy leading at their local church. Parents to sons Titus and Ozzie, both Luke and Jaime enjoy spending time with other young families, hosting regular game nights, and enjoying really good food. 

Kyle & Chloe

Kyle and Chloe are passionate fitness enthusiasts who take every opportunity they get to enjoy the outdoors. Both avid coffee lovers, Kyle and Chloe enjoy reading, challenging themselves in the gym, and spending time with their pup, Vito.