Sourdough Kit

What's included?

7-inch round woven proofing basket

9-inch oval woven proofing basket

Hand-carved wooden spatula

Stainless steel bench scraper

Printed Beginner's Sourdough Guide

Discover the art of sourdough with our curated kit. Start baking delicious, nutritious bread today.

$89.00 USD

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Sourdough kits often come with a lot of cheaply made products that break after the first use (like mine did), or they’re unfortunately sourced from China.

As an avid sourdough baker myself (Liz here!), I’ve curated my dream sourdough kit. The sourdough kit features two cotton rope coiled proofing baskets (one round and one oval), a handmade wooden spurtle, a bench scraper, and a printed sourdough beginner’s guide.

Sourdough baking doesn’t have to be complicated.

Home bakers everywhere are discovering the art of sourdough, saving them money and allowing them to feed their families with more nutritious bread.

* At this time, the kit does not include Sourdough Starter. However, we do teach you how to make your own starter in the Sourdough Beginner's Guide that is included.

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