Honduras Medium Roast Coffee

Our shade-grown coffee is sourced directly from a small farmer in Honduras who utilizes an intercropped growing method. This allows them to grow coffee beans without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

$17.50 USD

Coffee Details

Notes: Vanilla, Chocolate, Orange Zest
Roast: 04: Medium/Dark Roast
Process: Washed
Type: Single Origin
Origin: Honduras
Producer: Joel and Delmer Banegas
Farm: Finca El Conejo
Elevation: 1550 Meters
Varietal: Red Catuai

Coffee can be a controversial topic for those who are naturally-minded. But we believe coffee can be enjoyed daily when it’s sourced correctly.

All Haselmayer Goods Coffee is considered specialty coffee,  meaning it ranks 80 or higher on a scale of 1-100.

This sets us apart from large commercial coffee producers who grow in wide-open fields (often with the use of pesticides and herbicides) instead of sourcing shade-grown coffee directly from small farms.

After our coffee is ethically-sourced, it is roasted in small batches in our hometown.

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Haselmayer Goods Coffee FAQs

Is your coffee Certified Mold Free?

“Certified mold-free” coffee is on the rise due to several wellness coffee companies promoting its health benefits.

But the truth is, specialty coffee’s natural process of drying (and sometimes fermenting) the green beans before roasting virtually eliminates any risk of mold growth.

For this reason, our roasters believe this new wellness coffee trend has perhaps certified something that doesn't actually need to be certified.

What is your roasting & shipping schedule?

Orders are roasted, packaged, and shipped each Wednesday.
Orders placed after Tuesday at midnight may not ship until Wednesday, the following week.

What's the best way to brew my coffee?

The best cup of coffee is the one you enjoy. Personally, we love making our coffee using a Chemex. However, use the method that you enjoy the most, or experiment and see what you enjoy the most!

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